Solution 900


Where time and place are factors, the complete system SOLUTION 900 is simple to install, perfect to control access and is easily adaptable to any configuration. SOLUTION 900 can be used for a first time set-up or complement an existing on-site system, by using its own control access system.



SOLUTION 900 offers a true selection of different types of identifiers, which some of them can be mixed into one application :

The iButton


One distinctive feature of the iButton is, that it looks like a small universal keychain which is read by a single contact at an input site. It’s a simple alternative with a low cost compare to proximity technologies.

Proximity card badge


It can be on the Mifare standard (for many sites with badge already in use) or on a format of a manufacturer (HID Stid ...) It may come in a physical form of a badge like a key ring or a bracelet.

If a badge is already in use, our company can evaluate whether it can be kept as an identifier by SOLUTION 900.

Personal cellphone (*)


A personal cellphone can be used as a temporary or permanent access badge. Disposable and specially encrypted, the identifier is composed of an audio digital signal identified by the access drive from a signal that was generated and sent previously through phone and by a phone server.

This type of identifier, which often comes in addition to conventional identifier (such as badges) is particularly useful for: mobile staff, maintenance technicians, occasional visitors, etc.

Palm vein identification (*)


Palm vein recognition and analysis biometric system is considered a highly reliable and secured technology versus a standard badge.

(*) En cours de développement